Accelerate student development through independent learning

Easy-to-use online tool to help students practice reading comprehension anywhere

Great value

For a flat subscription fee, provide a full-year access to a resource box of your choice to your whole class! Create an account for each student and allow them to explore independently.

Easy to use

The portal is designed to be simple and easy to use for both educator and students, where setup takes no time at all, and resources can be used and completed easily.

Track progress

Track individual students' progress through the reporting dashboard! See how fast they go through the materials, and how well they answer questions.

Our most popular resources

Check out some of our most popular resources that teachers have relied upon for many years!

The Comprehension Box 1

Ages 5-8

The Comprehension Box 2

Ages 8-11

The Comprehension Box 3

Ages 11-14

Why should you use Let's teach! Library ?

Providing you with access to bestselling resources previously only available in a box set format, Let's teach! Library gives you flexibility with your students' learning.

With an online portal, students can access resources that was previously only available in a box set format, the Let’s Teach learning library gives you flexibility with your students’ learning.

Written by experts in education, these resources have been used successfully in classrooms all over the world for many years.

Each of these resources are great to support independent learning, where students actively seek out to improve themselves individually.

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What do teacher's think about our resources?

I'm a Year 2 Teacher and have the full set of this box. I love it and cannot fault it at all. It's great value for money. I usually give a card to my kids if they finish work early or for those kids who are behind and need individual work. Plus they can take a card home and read it in their own time!
Gloria Temovski
Classroom Teacher
Love the range of genres included - great for picking out the different features. These have been great for quick, sharp intervention. The later cards provide a really good challenge for the older children.
Sarah Cadogan
Deputy Head Teacher
Simple activities great for independent learning. We use the activities during Early Morning where the children are working towards their individual targets. As they cover all aspects of comprehension the children can select questions pertinent to their target.
Helen Jones
Classroom Teacher
We have purchased all the boxes along with the literacy boxes to use as part of our guided reading sessions. The children love the variety of texts, the multiple choice questions and the additional extra. They have had an impact on data.
Kate Will
Classroom Teacher